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Pet Photography

As well as being the regular event photographers around Melbourne, we offer a variety of other services, including business profile headshot photography, corporate branding and unusually, pet photography.

Yes, you read that correctly, we also photograph dogs! You might be surprised to learn that there are actually a large group of photographers offering pet photography in Melbourne.

While event photography takes up the majority of our time we can also be found making the most of Melbourne’s parks and beaches with our cameras and some furry friends, producing work for both private and increasingly, commercial clients.

Some clients are using animal photography to promote their brand or increase attendance at their event or business. Pop up pet photography booths are a great way of engaging customers in a fun and wholesome way, as well as capturing valuable data.

Often, when people bring their dogs to events like this, they bring their whole family so it’s a great way to generate a crowd and a buzz without spending much money. Contrast this with the costs of an event photographer in Melbourne, which will get you some great photos, but not necessarily

Offering participants complimenatry photos of their dog or a family photo with their dog is a great way to increase brand awareness, with a small brand watermark or banner added to the base of the image.

Most people don’t object to a small bit of advertising in return for a freebie!

So, if you need something to give you a smile the next time you’re updating your corporate headshot, why not think of us on our hands and knees, trying to make a dog smile or sit still for the camera!