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We’re guessing you landed here after googling something like ‘How Much Does An Event Photographer Cost?’….

Well, we’re here to give you some guidance and help you navigate this potentially treacherous path!

Like most services and products, you get what you pay for.

In short; you pay top dollar, you get top dollar event photography.  You pay peanuts, you usually get monkeys.  Sometimes, the monkeys aren’t even funny or cute, let alone good at photography!

The average cost of a professional event photographer in Melbourne is around $250 – $350 per hour and their fee usually includes the photography time, the post processing of the high resolution images and delivery by download.

Obviously this is just a guide to pricing, as each event will have it’s own requirements and characteristics.  For example a small event to announce a new project by a NGO thats going to help disadvantaged communities is likely to receive a lower price than a corporate function by one of the big four banks.

Let’s face it, one is slightly more deserving of a cheaper quote than the other.

If you’re planning on booking a corporate photographer for a full day then you are likely to receive a sightly preferential price on the hourly rate. Many photographers also stipulate a minimum booking period of between 2 and 4 hours.

Whatever you’re event budget, we’d be pleased to discuss your needs and what options we can offer you for photographing your event. Simply drop us a line using the contact form on the main page.